Monday, June 15, 2009

New Races to Run

With memories of the Mini Marathon now fading, many women are wondering how best to keep up running. The fresh air and feel good factor you get from running can be quite addictive.

Race Listings

There are local races happening all over the country every day of the week. To find out where the races are on try or

Alternatively buy a copy of the Irish Runner and look at the back few pages for a near complete listing of all the races happening in the country.

Adidas Race series

A very popular race series is about to start in the Phoenix Park soon. It's the Adidas race series which consists of three races all of which start at 10am.

5 miles July 18th
10 miles Aug 15th
13 miles Sept 26th

A lot of people use the series to test themselves in the run up to the Dublin Marathon on the October Bank Holiday Weekend but you get a good fun running crowd at them as well. Highly recommended.