Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

With most of us looking forward to a four day break and feeling somewhat frustrated about the Supplementary Budget announced earlier this week (click here to read the Irish NGOs’ response) why not use the time to walk, jog or run off that frustration?
The freed endorphins will make you feel more relaxed, the fresh air will clear the head and you will have put some valuable training time in for the mini marathon (only 7 weeks to go!). Alternatively, a good run around the garden with the kids during their Easter Egg Hunt will get those muscles in gear for June as well!

Let us know how you got on!

Lorraine Keane who will be running with Team World Vision this year has also started her work-out. Click here to read an article published in yesterday’s Evening Herald.

Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Register for the Mini Marathon today to avoid disappointment!

The official closing date for entries is the 21st of April. But considering the huge interest this year we expect the maximum number of entrants to be reached much earlier than that - possibly even by the end of this week.

To avoid disappointment, register as soon as you can online at or through the Evening Herald this Wednesday.