Friday, April 17, 2009

Ryan Hall running Boston Marathon for World Vision

Top US marathon runner and Team World Vision Boston member, Ryan Hall, is running the Boston Marathon today.

Hall is trying to become the first American to win the Boston marathon since 1983, when Greg Meyer won the Patriot Day race.

In this video, he and his runner wife, Sarah , talk about how their recent trip to Zambia with World Vision affected them personally and helped inspire their running. It’s well worth a look.

Good luck Ryan !

Only 4 days left to enter

So I made a good start earlier this week and managed to walk all the way home (about 6km), I felt good and was ready to do it all again…and then the rain came! Here’s to wrapping up properly in decent rain gear over the weekend and getting out there – if you see a distressed lady, gasping for air around the greater Clontarf area over the weekend…show a little sympathy :-) Actually, join me! No more excuses, lets get training!

If you haven’t registered yet, we can’t urge you enough to get online as soon as possible! Registrations are closing on Tuesday and we are pretty sure that like last year, the numbers will fill up even a little earlier then that! Here’s the link:

And don’t forget to call us (01-4980800 or lo-call 1850 366 283), once you’ve registered so we can send you out your fundraising pack with the team t-shirt!

Have a great training weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evening Herald - Last chance to get an entry form today

The entry form in the Evening Herald is printed for the last time today.
So if you prefer to sign up using the form & post rather than the online application form make sure you get your hands on a copy today and send it in straight away!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally getting started

If you are anything like me and you've woken up this morning thinking "Oh my, it's only 6 weeks to go and my training so far has consisted of making excuses and chatting about the Mini-Marathon at the water cooler" fear not! The Irish Sports Council is here to whip us all into shape with some really handy hints and tips on how to get active, eat healthy and get into shape for the Mini-Marathon.

I've read their brochures this morning and will definitely be walking home this evening instead of taking the bus, perhaps I'll even grab a lovely salad for dinner on the way!

Healthy Eating for Active Women
Leg It Brochure - Getting Started
Leg It Brochure - Increasing Intensity
Let It Brochure - Using Pedometers

If you want to read more check out the Irish Sports Council's dedicated Mini-Marathon page.

How are you going to start your training? Or have you started already? Either way - let us know how you are getting on!