Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don’t stop me now

The vibe around the Mini-Marathon this year was so positive and it’s amazing how you can still feel it in the air.

There are still a large number of women that can be sighted walking to work or with friends and jogging in evening times.

Besides all the health benefits, the imminent summer clothes season and the opportunity to catch up with friends and runners, keeping your training up now is so much easier that stopping and starting from scratch again.

If you need a goal or a little motivation to keep training why not try on one of these for size:
  • Set yourself a running time or mile goal and work towards it.
  • Set yourself a weight loss goal.
  • If you walked the mini-marathon this year, start training now to be ready to run it next year.
  • Get a group of friends together to train and motivate one another.
  • Check out your local athletic club’s or the Athletics Ireland website for upcoming races.

Have you kept the momentum going? Let us know if you plan to continue running and what keeps you motivated!