Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Do Care - Crowd Gathers outside Dept of Finance

Yesterday morning, I joined a big crowd which had gathered outside the Dept of Finance.

We were there to call on the Irish Government to protect its overseas aid programme from further cuts. We were 222 people in total, representing the €222 million already cut from the 2009 Irish aid budget.


These cuts are having a devastating effect in poor countries with aid agencies scaling down programmes and even pulling out of some countries, meaning even more people are going without life saving food and medicine.

We then heard a few words from Hans Zomer, Director of Dochas, the umbrella organisation for aid agencies in Ireland.

"As a nation, we do not want to see the weakest and most vulnerable suffer disproportionately. To target the poorest and most vulnerable who have done least to cause this crisis is a terrible injustice."

Take Action
You can find out more about the campaign to protect the Government’s aid budget from further cuts at

Tressan in Dublin