Friday, August 21, 2009

Power Cuts Hit Nairobi

I have no electricity on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The ongoing drought has dried up the rivers serving Kenya’s hydroelectric power stations and the Government is imposing strict power rations to ensure that the manufacturing and business areas continue to be served.

Three million people live in Nairobi, but the only light around right now is the glow from my laptop screen.

There are also frequent unscheduled power outages. You’ll be notified of these cuts by the yells issuing from my house.

Without fail, they will occur in the middle of my electric shower just when I have lathered up my hair. Suddenly the water turns from bubbly warm to darting icicles and the bathroom is plunged into darkness.

Rain Dance
But while the most I have to put up with is soapy hair, unironed clothes and stubbing my toes in the pitch black of night, my staff that live in Kangemi slum have almost round the clock power cuts.

This schedule will be maintained until October at the earliest, when hopefully our rain dances and prayers will be answered with the arrival of the much needed short rains.

By Eileen in Nairobi