Friday, May 22, 2009

What to Eat before the Race

One of the most frustrating things in a race is to get a stitch and not be able to run. This sometimes happens as a result of eating too soon before a race or eating the wrong kinds of food before a race.

This week is the time to experiment with what food suits you. Don’t try anything new on the day of the race.

The day before the race
  • Focus on eating about 70% of your calories from carbohydrate eg rice, pasta or potatoes.

  • Double your water intake to make sure you are well hydrated
On the day

The race starts at 3pm so a late breakfast around 11am is a good idea . Make sure it’s filling though – eat carbs such as porridge or cereal and maybe a bannna.

If you know you can tolerate food before running, try a cereal bar, yoghurt or scone about 90 minutes before the start. You should try this straight away and see if you are ok with it as many people do get a stitch from eating so soon before a race. A lot of people leave 3 hours between eating and running.

Sip water on the morning of the race, especially if it’s warm but don’t drink too much as there is always a queue for the portaloos and you don’t want to miss the start.