Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fundraising Tips

It can be hard asking people for money especially during a recession but remember a large number of small donations can add up to a significant amount. Also, five euro goes a lot further in Africa than it does in Ireland.

Here are some tips which you might find useful over the next few weeks;


Make sure that you tell everyone you know that you’re taking part in the Mini Marathon for World Vision and are looking for sponsorship.

Send texts and emails to your friends and family, put up a poster in work, your local shop, gym or community centre. Don’t forget to keep people informed about how your efforts are going.
You could also contact your local newspaper or radio station which may be covering the event and interested in stories from local people taking part in it.

Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is simple, fast and secure and a great way of promoting your event. It’s very easy to do. Just follow these quick and easy steps – any technophobe can do it;

1. Set up a fundraising page

Set up a fundraising page on which takes about 5 minutes. Try to make it personal by adding a short message about why you chose to fundraise for World Vision and maybe a photo of yourself.

2. Email your contacts

Emailing your contacts the link to your fundraising page is the quickest way to spread the word about what you are doing. Before you email your entire address book though, ask your family and close friends to donate first. People tend to match the amounts already listed on the page so if they’re generous ones, so much the better!

3. Keep your supporters updated on your progress

Let people know how you’re getting on. This will keep everyone involved and encourage them to support you.

4. Keep telling people after the event

When the Mini Marathon is over, keep telling people about the event. 20% of all online donations come in after the event has taken place.

Not a fan of online fundraising?

If online fundraising isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Just use the sponsorship forms you received in your fundraiser pack to keep a record of your funds coming in.

It’s also a good idea to identify a safe place to store the money you collect and organise how you are going to send the money in to World Vision Ireland. Don’t forget to thank all those who supported you.

Sending your donation to World Vision

If you have collected cash, we would be grateful if you could send a cheque, postal order or bank draft of the same value payable to World Vision Ireland. If sending a cheque our address is;

The Mews
Garland House
Rathmines Park
Dublin 6.

You can read more about fundraising on our website - just click here.

We would also love to see any photos or hear any stories you have to share about your mini marathon experience.

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