Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So what are we running for?

Many women in Sierra Leone were never sent to school and traditionally don't own any property or animals. Should their husband die or leave them, they are left extremely vulnerable with no way to support their children. Forming women's groups offers support and practical solutions - they are a real life saver.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the Imperi Women's Group:

In 2007 a group of women approached the local primary school teacher. They wanted to learn how to read and write.
At first, they made use of their children's text books and one of the primary school classrooms during the afternoons, but the need for their own texts and facilities grew.

The group approached the World Vision Area Development Manager and explained their wish to support their children with their homework and also to learn numeracy and other income generating skills. With the first round of funding the Imperi Women's Group received their own facilities including a room and storage space as well as equipment such as weaving looms, soap making kits and dying facilities. Besides the vital income generating skills they also learn about hygiene, sanitation and HIV / AIDS. Click here to check out some photos.

Today there are almost 70 women enrolled and there is no stopping the Imperi Women's Group! They want all women living in the area to have the opportunity to join and improve their lives.
But this is difficult for many women as their days are filled with back breaking work to provide for their families. There isn't enough time to walk miles to the learning centre during daylight hours and if they do make it to the centre there is little space for them.

Future funding will firstly go towards an EXTENSION of the existing premises to make room for everyone. Then World Vision and the group will work towards purchasing a VEHICLE to bring women from far & wide to the learning centre and also to take their products to markets where they can be sold to generate income. Also a GENERATOR is needed to bring electricity to the classroom allowing for evening classes that can be attended when the daily work is done.

These are ambitious goals set by inspiring women! With our help they will come closer to reaching their goals; every Euro counts!

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