Monday, March 30, 2009

Racing in Raheny

Was just thinking there's just over 8 weeks to go until the Mini Marathon.

Taking part in a race around now will let you know how fit (or unfit) you are and how much work you have to do before June 1st to achieve your target. You'll also be able to look back after the mini marathon, compare your performance and see how how much fitter you've become over the 8 weeks.

If you're only starting off though and you think the 10k Bupa race this Sunday in the Phoenix Park might be a bit long, or if you want a short, fast race to get a bit of speed into your legs, you could do the BHAA race in St Anne's Park in Raheny instead.

It's on this Saturday April 4th. The women's race is 2 miles and starts at 11.00 am . The men's race is 4 miles and starts at 11.30. Check out the BHAA website for more details.

The BHAA races are really well organised by a great team of volunteers. Definitely good events to support.

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